even more new firefox reviewers

I’m pleased to announce two additions to the list of Firefox reviewers:

  • Florian Quèze has recently joined the Firefox team, and we’re very happy to have him. Florian has a long history with Mozilla, including a Google Summer of Code working on Firefox Page Info, an internship working on Firefox 3, experience founding and leading the Instantbird project, and most recently work on Talkilla. He’s now helping Felipe and others with work on building translation feature for Firefox, and his extensive Mozilla knowledge will serve him well in reviewing Firefox patches.
  • Mike de Boer joined the Firefox team over a year ago now, and has largely been focused on helping the team ship Australis. He’s been reviewing plenty of patches on the team’s epic journey towards shipping the new look and customization system, and the fact that I’m only adding him to the reviewers list now is a failure on my part!

Please join me in congratulating Mike and Florian!