Jared Wein: Firefox reviewer

Planet Mozilla readers are undoubtedly familiar with Jared Wein (a.k.a. jaws) – he joined the Firefox team in June 2011, and has been blogging actively about his work since then. He’s worked on HTML5 video controls, helped mentor and coordinate work on in-content prefs in Firefox, created the Cheevos add-on, been involved with diagnosing and fixing all sorts of Snappy bugs, and many more things that I’m sure I’m forgetting now.

Most recently, Jared’s been spending much of this time helping Felipe, Mark, Shane, and I get Firefox’s Social API ready for Firefox 17. This took a massive amount of work, and while we’re not still not done, we really couldn’t have gotten to where we are without his help.

Jared has been unofficially reviewing code for a while now, and has definitely proven that he’s collected the knowledge and experience required to review Firefox code. So it pleases me to announce that Jared is now officially a Firefox reviewer. Congratulations, Jared!