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Just recently I started working on implementing a new notification system for Firefox. It’s been discussed and blogged about before, and both Neil and MattN have worked on it before, so the task mostly involves just updating, cleaning up and completing their work. It’s being tracked by bug 398776, and I’m still in the early stages. Here’s what I threw together just so that I could test the API:

Screenshot of an initial attempt at a new notification popup, unstyled and ugly

That still needs some CSS tweaking, obviously (in general, and for the button specifically: bug 509642), and Neil’s work in bug 554937 should make showing the actual popup even easier.

I also did a few other things of note this week:

4 thoughts on “notification: notifications

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t forget to keep this well-integrated with the standard platform notification mechanisms, such as the Desktop Notifications mechanism for Linux.

  2. gavin Post author

    Don’t worry, I’m not changing nsIAlertService! We’ll also be keeping the old notification bars around fot some time, at least.

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