reviews, crashing plugins, and tab matches

I’m going to give weekly blog status updates a shot. I suspect planet already gets inundated with them near the end of the week, so maybe I’ll try adjusting my schedule by a few days. Or maybe I’ll end up just posting them on wikimo instead. Either way I’ll try to keep them interesting!

I didn’t think I was going to end up doing this, so I didn’t take detailed notes of everything I’ve done this week. I’m going to try to get better at that.

Accomplished this week:

  • tried to keep the review queue cleanup rolling from last week, but I think I netted out even (or slightly negative). Current state: 33 pending requests.
  • reviewed dolske‘s plugin crashing UI patches (bug 539848, bug 538910)
  • helped test the 1.9.3 alpha 1 branding changes (bug 543564)
  • wrote some additional tests for bug 512784 (consolidated smart getters for common services). ready to land once it gets rs=Mossop
  • spent some time reviewing patch for bug 480350 (tab matches in awesomebar)
  • wasted a bit of time arguing with RSnake on his blog

Up next (roughly in priority order):

  • shorlander‘s going to be filing bugs for proposed theme/UX changes, will need to triage/prioritize those with dao
  • need to make progress on browser.js cleanup/simplification – I want to get a list of actionable items by mid-next-week and get patching
  • I have some mobile blog post ideas and notes that I really need to turn into posts
  • try not to give up too much ground on review queue clearing
  • want speak to Ryan about some changes required for bug 511017 (allow default search plugins to be updated, allowing them to get locale-specific search URLs to avoid redirects through
  • would like to resolve bug 479334 (improved en-US spellcheck dictionary, including better merge scripts to ease taking changes from upstream hunspell and chromium). just needs a final test run and a couple of tweaks before landing, I think.

Ideally I think my “upcoming” tasks would be as granular and clearly defined as my “completed” tasks, I guess, but they’ll probably be easier to split out into specific tasks once some of the planning/exploratory work is done.

5 thoughts on “reviews, crashing plugins, and tab matches

  1. dria

    I expect that a whole lot more people will see your status updates if you blog them and syndicate to Planet.

  2. gavin Post author

    I’m aware that not posting them on planet will mean that fewer people will see them 🙂 People seeing them wasn’t really my goal, though – I’m writing them in an attempt to be better organized. So I’m just pointing out that I might reconsider posting them if it feels too spammy. Or I might discover that the benefits to broadcasting them outweigh the spamminess costs, and that having them on planet is beneficial in ways I’d never even imagined. Only one way to find out!

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